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Mercedes-Benz releases its first electric car in the UK

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Mercedes-Benz is bringing its first mass produced electric car to the UK, and it’s a bit of a belter. The B-Class Electric Drive is capable of traveling for 142 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough considering 70 per cent of Britons travel seven miles or less to work every day. 

But just because it’s all electric, doesn’t mean it’s a slouch getting from A-to-B. Thanks to an electric motor’s zero moving parts, it means it can accelerate more quickly than conventional, petrol powered cars. In this case, the B-Class gets from 0-62mph in 7.9 seconds, making it the fastest accelerating five-seat electric car in its class. 

It’s spacious too, featuring a 500-litre boot which trebles if you decide to fold the back seats down, which is blissfully simple. This extra room is achieved thanks to the battery pack being slotted beneath the car, giving the B-class more cabin space. This also helps lower the B-Class’ centre of gravity, which improves cornering. 

The Electric Drive is available in two models, the Sport which boasts 17-inch alloy wheels, seven-inch touchscreen display, and fancy LED daytime operating lights. The ‘Art’ version meanwhile, boasts slightly bigger 18-inch wheels, contrasting wing mirrors and aluminium trim. 

For those worried about having to abandon the car overnight to let the batteries charge, Mercedes-Benz has worked alongside Tesla to create a battery back that can be recharged in just four hours using a fast-charging cable which you can connect to the mains at home, or one of the growing number of electric charging points across the country. Cleverly, it also recoups energy whenever you put your foot on the breaks, and features extra insulation to reduce the energy used for heating and cooling the car. 

Deliveries are due to start early next year with prices starting at £31,950, although with the government’s OLEV grant, it knocks £5,000 off the price, making it a more affordable £26,950. 

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