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Luxury Mercedes S-Class Plug-in Hybrid capable of 100mpg

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Mercedes has just announced prices for its S500 Plug-in Hybrid – a vehicle it’s calling “one of the most advanced saloon cars in the world”. Production of this luxury limousine begins next month with a starting price of just under £88,000.

This high-tech hybrid is not only capable of an impressive claimed economy figure of 100.9mpg, but it can also accelerate all the way to 155mph, making it just as suited to the autobahn as negotiating city streets. With CO2 emissions of just 65g/km the Plug-in Hybrid is exempt from both road tax and London’s Congestion Charge, though it has the power to blast from a standstill to 62mph in a Porsche Boxster S-rivalling 5.2 seconds.

The Plug-in Hybrid will solely be available in long-wheelbase form, providing a huge amount of legroom for rear passengers. Standard equipment will match the petrol-only S500L AMG Line, with 19-inch AMG alloy wheels, noise-insulating glass, leather upholstery and sat nav all coming as standard, along with bold AMG body styling.

Helping to provide a real sense of luxury this car features front and rear seats that can replicate a hot stone massage, gently heated armrests and an in-cabin perfume-diffuser. Under the bonnet is a 329bhp twin-turbocharged petrol engine, which works alongside a 114bhp electric motor which allows the new S-Class to travel up to 20 miles on electric power alone.

The S500 Plug-in Hybrid is the third hybrid to join the S-Class range after the S300 and S400. Setting the S500 apart though, it is not only more than twice as economical than the S400 but it’s substantially faster than either, thanks to its larger motor. The S500 is also the only model that can be charged by plugging into the mains. Charging the car on a typical public charging point requires around two hours. 

Prices for the Mercedes S500 Plug-in Hybrid start at £87,965 and the car boasts a ‘Benefit in Kind’ tax rate of just five per cent. First UK deliveries are due to take place in late November.

Author: Christofer Lloyd

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