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London proclaimed the driving fine capital

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People driving approved used cars in London may not be surprised to hear that the city is the UK's driving fine capital.

Drivers in the metropolitan area typically end up paying as much as £680 in fines over their lifetimes, according to the latest research from car insurer Esure.

Those in the north east are likely to pay around £352 to local authorities in fines, with those in the south-east accumulating just £303 in costs.

Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting at Esure said that there are many driving laws that motorists are simply refusing to obey because they are deemed "petty".

He added: "Offences such as speeding and using a mobile phone while driving not only add points to a motorist's driving licence but are deemed offences for a reason.

"They are actions that put drivers and other road users at risk."

The RAC Foundation has recently called upon the government to make radical changes in which road use in the UK is paid for, in order to avoid major congestion problems in years to come.

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