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Inflate tyres to protect used cars, drivers told

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Drivers of approved used cars have been advised that keeping their tyres inflated is more important than ever.

After another winter of frosts and thaws the UK's pothole problem will have worsened, according to TyreSafe.

Driving new and used cars over potholes with under-inflated tyres can lead to serious damage to the wheel or steering alignment, the safety group claims.

Even if the wheel or tyre does not appear damaged, the tyre wall may have suffered barely visible cracks that could, in a short amount of time, lead to bulges or cuts that could make the tyres both dangerous and illegal.

"Whatever time of year it is motorists should always check their tyre pressure at least once a month and especially if they are planning any long journeys," said Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe.

The group recently advised motorists that correctly inflated tyres will help motorists to reduce the impact of fuel prices rises on their motoring expenditure.

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