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IAM offers advice on beating fuel prices

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Drivers of approved used cars have been given some tips of how to reduce the impact of fuel price increases.

Research from the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) finds that the cost of petrol has risen by two-thirds since 1990.

The government increased fuel duty and VAT in early January, and is planning another duty hike on April 1st.

With this in mind, the IAM has pointed out that there are some simple ways in which drivers of approved used cars can reduce their costs.

De-icing windows and using a scraper can reduce the amount of fuel used to heat windows and increase visibility, while shorter trips should be avoided as these use the most fuel per mile.

However, the research also showed that in relative terms, the total cost of motoring, including insurance and taxes, has fallen by eight per cent since 1990.

The IAM recently revealed that adopting more economical driving techniques can also reduce fuel bills by up to 30 per cent.

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