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IAM: Drivers must pack carefully

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Drivers of approved used cars planning on heading off on their holidays with a car full of belongings have been urged make sure they pack correctly.

According to the Institute of Advanced Motorists, when heading off on holiday and filling a car for of all sorts of essentials, it can be very tempting to put the last few small items in loose.

However, IAM Drive and Survive head of training Simon Elstow says that this can be very dangerous.

Loose items can be distracting if the driver has to brake sharply, while they can cause damage in the event of an accident.

Mr Elstow explains: "When you've got a lot of things to pack, it's tempting to throw the last few small items in loose.

"But bad packing can be dangerous and you could be prosecuted if your baggage looks unsecure."

The IAM is currently urging the government to bring in compulsory extra training for new drivers to prepare them for unexpected incidents on the roads.

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