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Hyundai launches world’s first hydrogen fuel cell car

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The world's first mass-market hydrogen fuel cell car is now available to order from Hyundai – at a cost of just over £50,000. The zero-emission ix35 Fuel Cell is the fourth generation of fuel cell powered vehicle to be developed by the Korean company and promises to be the most efficient yet. 

Equipped with a 134bhp electric motor and two hydrogen storage tanks, the ix35 boasts a range of up to 369 miles on a single fill – substantially more than any conventional electric car – while being able to hit a top speed of 100mph.

Unlike conventional electric cars which require frequent recharging, the ix35's tanks can be filled as quickly as a typical petrol or diesel car, taking just three minutes. However, hydrogen filling stations are currently few and far between, though a European project, named HyFive aims to open three new hydrogen refueling stations in London by the end of the year – taking the total in the capital to five.

Part-funding for the ix35 Fuel Cell is also available from the Hyfive project – with the car costing £53,105 after a £14,880 grant towards the purchase price. This scheme is hoping to see 110 fuel cell powered electric vehicles produced by five major automotive companies across Europe on the road in the near future.

Previous incarnations of the ix35 have been sold to selected trial partners in Europe since 2013, however this latest version shows significant improvements in both the range - increased by 50% - and the fuel efficiency - with gains of 15%.

Author: Laura Thomson

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