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HPI questions used car dealers on Budget wish list

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Used car dealers have been quizzed by vehicle information organisation HPI on what measures they would like chancellor George Osborne to include in the forthcoming Budget.

An overwhelming 82 per cent of dealers said they would support action to ease the financial burden on motorists and freeze fuel duty to boost consumer confidence, while 39 per cent wanted financial support from the government to stimulate growth.

However, just 26 per cent of used car dealers said they would support a return to the vehicle scrappage scheme, which ran between 2009 and 2010.

"It's clear from our survey that dealers want the government to take steps to boost consumer confidence and make it easier for their business to grow," said Daniel Burgess, automotive director at HPI.

"We support this and hope the Chancellor will make positive moves to support the motor industry."

HPI recently revealed that used car buyers are still looking for small, low-mileage vehicles when making a purchase.


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