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How to find your dream luxury car

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They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to luxury cars there’s also quite a lot of subjectivity around defining what this elusive quality really is.

This is being brought into ever sharper focus by the steadily increasing demand in the luxury sector of the car market, particularly in export to countries such as the USA and China. In the UK, the improving economic situation is also leading to a rise in car sales. For example in 2014, according to Retail Motor Industry Federation figures, there was a 9% rise in car sales year on year with luxury brands like Bentley and Jaguar doing especially well.

So if you’re thinking about getting behind the wheel of a prestige marque mobile, read on and we’ll try to point you in the right direction by helping to define exactly what it is that raises a high-spec vehicle to being a truly luxurious one.

What makes luxury?

Over recent years, this line has become more and more blurred as manufacturers have sought to add features to everyday cars which were previously only found in truly top of the range vehicles. These include reversing cameras, cruise control, integral sat navs and keyless ignition but these are all now available, even in moderately priced models.  

Similarly, the acres of leather and walnut dashboards which once denoted luxurious car interiors are now looking a little dated.

So what have become the key factors of a luxury car in 2015? Well, over and above all the standard features that one would expect like safety, comfort and the essential cachet there is one truly defining characteristic - and that is uniqueness.

As you might expect, Rolls Royce is leading the way in this by offering buyers of its new cars a truly bespoke experience in which they can specify everything from the colour of the seats to the unique paintwork they require. They can even have their initials hand woven into the headrests.

Quality doesn’t always mean cost

Naturally, this level of care and attention doesn’t come cheap. Their forthcoming Rolls Royce Dawn is expected to set you back £250,000 even before you’ve started to add your own personal touches.

Now this may be a little too expensive for all but the wealthiest of people in the world but it doesn’t mean that a genuine luxury car is beyond the budget of many people.

For example, it’s quite possible to buy a pre-owned BMW 7 series registered in 2011 for around £20,000 and even a three year old Range Rover Evoque for a little over this amount.

For many people though, it’s also important to have an element of rarity to their luxury car which is why the Japanese Infiniti Q50 is also so widely sought after. Again, relatively new models are available for around £20,000.

But while driving out in one of these cars might make you feel like a million dollars, there are also the running costs to consider with insurance, road tax and the inevitable servicing expenses coming in at far more than an ordinary saloon. 

Speculate to accumulate

Having said this, the upside of most luxury cars is that the sheer build quality and wealth of features means that they tend to hold their value far better than less exclusive models. 

Plus, if you’re lucky enough to hold on to the car for long enough for it to reach classic status its value could even increase. So who knows - make enough profit and in a few years you could even be getting behind a Rolls Royce Dawn of your own! 

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