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Highly efficient Volkswagen Golf unveiled

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Volkswagen has launched a new range of highly efficient Golf BlueMotion models, although they will not be seen on the road until later this year.

The new economy range of vehicles is based on the new 1.6-litre common rail diesel engine, producing less than 107g/km of CO2 in this new model.

However, motorists keen to land themselves a Golf earlier than September may have to settle for an efficient approved Volkswagen instead.

Golf models with this engine achieve close to the BlueMotion efficiency, with Volkswagen laying claim to CO2 emissions of just 120g/km with this particular Diesel setup.

There are three versions of the new 1.6-litre TDI available to order, from the entry level 90 PS producing 118g/kg of CO2 to the 105 PS model offering 119g/kg of CO2.

Volkswagen also promises a new sub 100g/kg variant of this new model towards the end of the year.

The car manufacturer recently built its one millionth T5 commercial Transporter van, underlining the success of the brand.

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