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Half of drivers 'blame themselves' for crashes

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Around half (47 per cent) of British motorists often blame themselves for other people's mistakes behind the wheel of new and used cars, according to new research.

Nearly four in ten drivers (39 per cent) become quieter and overly cautious when they get into their car, the survey by insurer Aviva and psychologists at the University of Manchester shows.

However, nearly two thirds get more aggressive and take greater risks, which may explain why so many are ready to take the blame for crashes.

Professor Geoff Beattie said that the research shows that people "don't seem to know their own personalities when it comes to driving".

He explained: "When we asked people to think more carefully about how they actually behave on the road, the realisation dawned that their natural reactions are not quite what they thought they were."

The findings come after research by showed that if newly-qualified male drivers can remain accident-free for two years, their insurance costs will be reduced significantly.

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