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Half of Britons 'distracted by road signs'

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Nearly half of British motorists (46 per cent) find road signs distracting when they are behind the wheel.

This was the finding of a survey by, which found as many as 30 per cent of Britons have had - or narrowly avoided - an accident because of a confusing road sign, while four out of five people agree with government plans to remove confusing and unnecessary signs.

Drivers setting out in their family cars may be most baffled by the 'no vehicles except bikes being pushed' sign, which 93 per cent do not recognise.

Head of car insurance at Confused Gareth Kloet said: "It is clear that the government needs to do a better job in educating people on what road signs mean in order to improve road safety," adding that more accidents caused by signs mean higher premiums.

It is not just signs to the side of the road that may be pushing up insurance costs, with the surface beneath drivers' wheels causing more problems this winter.

Figures from AA Insurance showed the number of claims it received for pothole damage in January was more than double the figure for the same month in 2012.

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