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Govt plans to reduce delays caused by congestion

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Drivers of approved used cars will be pleased to hear that the government has promised to tackle the issue of road congestion head on.

Roads minister Mike Penning claims that road closures and jams result in a £1 billion loss for the economy through missed work hours.

He believes that the latest strategy, which was drawn up with the help of the police, fire and ambulance services, will reduce the amount of time that motorists are kept waiting.

Mr Penning said: "I recognise that, where serious incidents have occurred, closures on the motorway may be needed to ensure the safety of those at the scene and the travelling public.

"However, I believe much more can be done to ensure incidents are managed effectively, efficiently and consistently."

The Department for Transport also recently announced a new £1 million fund had been created to look at new technologies that could reduce the impact of roadworks.

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