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Fuel duty is found to be the 'most unfair' tax

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Drivers of used cars and other motorists have declared fuel duty the most unfair tax in Britain, according to a new poll.

In canvassing the opinion of over 150,000 users of the MSN Money website, the poll also found that another motorist's favourite, road tax, was the fourth least popular.

Voters were given a selection of taxes to consider, from national insurance to airport tax and it was fuel duty that angered most, with council tax coming in second and inheritance tax making third on the list.

The government receives £25 billion each year from motorists courtesy of fuel duty, according to research from Autocar magazine.

"With fuel prices heading for another record high, it's perhaps not surprising that fuel duty was the (un)popular choice as the most unfair tax," said Simon Ward, MSN Money's senior editor.

Meanwhile, national insurance was not in the top ten, which, Mr Ward suggested, means people see this as a fairer tax.

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