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Ford expands GoDrive car-sharing scheme

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Ford is joining forces with Limehouse Holiday Inn, London in order to expand its GoDrive car-sharing scheme in the capital.

The scheme offers users a flexible and affordable car hire scheme, which allows drivers’ access to cars on a 17p-per-minute fee. This covers congestion charges, fuel, insurance and parking. Membership isn’t needed, with cars booked and accessed through the GoDrive app.

This latest hub joins another 20 that are already established across central London. Drivers are able to choose between a Ford Fiesta 1.0-litre Ecoboost, or a zero-emission Ford Focus Electric.

Scott Rankin, general manager at Holiday Inn Express Lonon, Limehouse said: “Many of our guests are here on business, so having easy access to a car can be a huge help in getting around the city. For those guests on holiday having the option to put the children in the car, or carry their shopping bags is a huge plus.

“GoDrive is one of the most exciting car-sharing services out there. We’ve been impressed with how the GoDrive team is listening to its customers and adapting the service. We’ll be watching closely to see what our guests think and whether the same offer can be transferred to other hotels.”

Drivers are allowed a five minute period free of charge in which they can orientate themselves with the cabin, making sure that they are familiar with the car before setting off into the city.

Alicia Agius, project lead of GoDrive said: “We’re focused on working with Londoners to understand their mobility needs. We’ve found that car-sharing can complement existing transport systems – and give people a valued option for moving around the city.”

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