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Ford and Toyota to collaborate on hybrid technology

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Two of the world's biggest motor companies have come together to try and develop technology that will power the Ford and Toyota cars of the future.

The two firms will collaborate as they look for new hybrid technology that is robust enough to power trucks and SUVs.

A memorandum of understanding has been signed ahead of a formal agreement, which is expected next year.

The principals of the partnership will see the firms sharing information at the design stage, before integrating the shared hybrid systems into both the firm's vehicles.

Takeshi Uchiyamada, Toyota executive vice-president for research and development, said that his firm's commitment to hybrid technology started back in 1997, with the first Prius.

"Since then, we have sold about 3.3 million hybrid vehicles. We expect to create exciting technologies that benefit society with Ford, and we can do so through the experience the two companies have in hybrid technology," he said.

Next month's Frankfurt Motor Show will see Toyota release it new Prius Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

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