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Fiat launches value TwinAir model

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The award-winning TwinAir engine used in Fiat cars has now developed into a model in its own right, forming part of the line-up of Fiat 500s.

Fiat hopes that he new 500 TwinAir will attract even more drivers to try out the popular 500 model, on the back of the TwinAir's formidable engine.

Since it was released, the TwinAir has proved to be a hit with critics and drivers alike, with all marvelling at how much performance can be extracted from such a small and efficient engine.

The new model continues Fiat's energy efficiency drive, emitting just 95g/km of carbon, meaning it is exempt from the London congestion charge

Elena Bernardelli, marketing director for Fiat UK, said TwinAir will soon become the best value model for customers.

"The combination of lively performance, high equipment levels, great value for money and undoubted green credentials make the TwinAir range a wonderful proposition for Fiat 500 lovers everywhere."

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