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Driving instructors call for better road surfaces

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A motoring group has urged the government to invest in resurfacing the UK's roads system.

The Diamond Advanced Motorists (DAM) group, which administers advanced driving tests on behalf of the Driving Instructors Association, believes that British roads are currently in an unacceptable state.

While it recognises that the amount needed to complete the work, around £9.5 billion, is alot to find in the current climate, the DAM feels that drivers of new and used cars are within their rights to expect some return on the £40 billion they pay in taxes.

Mike Frisby, DAM chief examiner, said that all public surveys show the state of roads is a priority concern for motorists.

"Not only do we now need remedial work to be undertaken as a matter of urgency, but the UK government also has to prioritise and fund a programme of planned maintenance on a long-term basis," he said.

The DAM is also one of the groups hoping to persuade the government to switch the UK time zone to incorporate lighter evenings, in a bid to reduce accidents.

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