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Drivers urged to fit winter tyres sooner rather than later

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Drivers of new and used cars should not wait for the snow and ice to take hold before fitting winter tyres, it is claimed.

According to TyreSafe, winter tyres can provide drivers with improved performance throughout the darker months.

Winter tyres have an enhanced tread pattern that provides more grip on wet, icy and snow-covered roads.

Importantly, they are also made from a compound of rubber that remains flexible at freezing temperatures, again improving grip.

Tyresafe has conducted a number of safety tests on an ice rink to prove how much winter tyres can improve performance.

The group's chairman Stuart Jackson says that any driver concerned about road safety during the winter should switch to winter tyres.

"Take a look at our demonstration movie and then you can make an informed choice about whether to fit them or not, but I'm sure many will agree that the results are scary and very convincing," he added.

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