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Drivers told to be careful following camera funding cuts

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Drivers of approved used cars have been told to be more vigilant when out on the roads following the government's decision to cut funding for speed cameras.

Since the Department for Transport confirmed that councils would have to fund their own road safety systems, three per cent of the country's devices have been turned off, according to RoadPilot.

In addition, many local authorities are reviewing how economically viable their cameras are going forward.

A survey conducted by RoadPilot has found that 66 per cent of road users fear that the roads will become more dangerous as a result of the government's decision.

"In the wake of recent announcements … drivers need to be even more aware of the road's speed limits and alert to other motorists," said the firm's chief executive officer James Flynn.

Last month, RoadPilot warned that government plans to reduce excessive road signage could lead to drivers accidentally breaking the speed limit and becoming criminalised.

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