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Drivers told to avoid leaving valuables in their cars

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Drivers of approved used cars have been warned of the dangers of leaving expensive items in their vehicles.

According to new research from price comparison site, drivers of new and used cars leave items worth an average of £278 in their cars.

Forty-three per cent of survey respondents admitted to leaving a satnav in their glove box, while 32 per cent stash mobile phones and 29 per cent leave their wallet or purse behind.

However, as much as 72 per cent of those polled don't know whether their car insurance covers items left in the car.

Lee Griffin from said it is all too easy to underestimate the value of everyday items.

He added: "Cover rarely extends to money or business goods or items not in a locked boot or other compartment.

"Also, claims are usually paid on an indemnity basis - so if you do need to make a claim a deduction will be made for wear and tear."

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