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Drivers told not to throw money out of the window

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Drivers of approved used cars trying to save money by turning off the air conditioning may actually be spending more, it is claimed.

With fuel costs rising, Kwik Fit notes that many drivers are turning off their climate control systems and opening a window, thinking that the air blowing in is a free way to keep cool.

However, the garage chain believes that the extra aerodynamic drag generated by driving with the window down makes the engine work harder to maintain speed, increasing fuel consumption and negating the savings made by turning the air conditioning off.

On a single hot day, British drivers waste a total of £650,000 worth of fuel through this practice, according to the firm.

"With fuel prices higher than ever, it's understandable that motorists are looking for ways to squeeze every last mile out of their tank. But they need to be careful that the measures they take are the right ones," explained David White, customer services director at Kwik Fit.

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