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Drivers look to make savings by slowing down

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The economic climate and the effects of inflation have prompted many drivers to slow down when out on the roads, it is suggested.

Research from Manheim Auctions finds that more than half of people driving new and used cars have slowed their speeds as they look to reduce the amount of money they spend on fuel.

Aggressive driving with frequent periods of high revs and acceleration uses more fuel, while conversely, driving more slowly and building speed more gradually can save people money at the pumps.

Manheim also found that drivers are also trying to use their car less, with 26 per cent of motorists trying to make purchases online rather than going to the shops.

According to Craig Mailey, Manheim Auctions marketing director, the economic climate is also affecting buying decisions: "When the time comes to change their car it seems that more are also considering a second-hand car as increased demand for smaller, fuel efficient vehicles at auctions demonstrates."

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