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Drivers fear a re-test

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Nearly two-thirds of people who drive new and used cars have lost confidence in their skills behind the wheel, and do not feel certain that they would pass a driving test.

According to research conducted by Ford, 67 per cent of drivers fear failure if they were to re-take their driving test today, while among the 17 to 24-year-old age group, that figure rises to 73 per cent.

However, those who feel unsure about their driving skills should not feel alone. To highlight the issue, the Driving Instructors Association (DIA) chief examiner Mike Frisby recently re-tested British Touring Car champion Jason Plato – and failed him.

DIA general manager Steve Garrod says this proves that anyone can fall into bad habits, and getting brush-up lessons can be a good idea to help some drivers stay confident.

"While we're pleased that drivers recognise that they might have picked up bad habits since originally passing their driving test, we would now like to see them do something about it. A few refresher lessons with one of our members would be a great start," he added.

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