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Drivers bemoan tailgating in new poll

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A new survey has found that tailgating is considering the most serious motorway driving offence.

The study by GEM Motoring Assist revealed that 85 per cent of those driving new and used cars on UK motorways believe tailgating to be extremely dangerous.

Using a mobile phone while behind the wheel was the next most serious offence, cited by 66 per cent of those polled.

Hogging the middle lane when the left one is free, changing lanes without making adequate signals and driving on the hard shoulder to avoid traffic completed the top five.

GEM Motoring Assist chief executive officer David Williams suggests that drivers need to make sure they are taking every precaution when out on the road.

"We believe that bad motorway driving such as tailgating … should definitely be more strictly enforced as it is this kind of careless driving that can lead to frustration, annoyance and possible accidents," he added.

GEM Motoring Assist recently advised drivers that under-inflated tyres can significantly increase fuel costs, as they make cars run less efficiently.

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