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Deer 'responsible for up to 74,000 road accidents annually'

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Deer could be responsible for as many as 74,000 motoring accidents in Britain every year, new statistics have shown.

The number of deer in the UK has more than doubled in the past ten years, meaning that drivers of new and used cars need to drive carefully on country roads, the Deer Initiative has suggested.

Deer numbers in the UK are estimated to be around two million and the period between October and November has been found to be the peak period for their involvement in road accidents.

This is due to shorter daylight hours and increased activity among certain deer breeds during mating season.

In particular, Muntjac deer are causing at least 42,000 incidents, leading to damage costs of over £10 million annually.

The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology believes that their numbers could be growing by 8.2 per cent a year.

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