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Councils 'should not make money from green policies'

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Local councils should not be trying to make money out of motorists and their used cars by using environmental policies, according to the AA.

The motoring group's president Edmund King said that in this age of austerity lower carbon solutions were important, but "green smokescreen gimmicks" were not.

He was speaking in response to Richmond Council's decision to scrap a deeply unpopular parking scheme which raised the cost of parking permits for cars with higher emissions.

Critics claimed that the policy only penalised families with larger used cars and poorer motorists who did not have a driveway.

Mr King added: "Other authorities thinking of jumping on this 'green' bandwagon should think again.

"Ownership of a larger family car which may do very low mileage should not be prohibited by bureaucrats out to make a quick buck."

The AA recently warned that booking a driving test through an intermediary can result in motorists paying unnecessary fees.

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