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Chrysler to unveil 200 Super S in Detroit

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The 2012 Detroit Motor Show has been selected by Chrysler as the location to unveil its 200 Super S.

Mopar has lent its support to the model, as it provides servicing, parts and customer care to the car manufacturer.

The model comes with black 18-inch alloy wheels, a chin spoiler, an all-new trunk lid spoiler and coil-over suspension that helps to lower the centre of gravity.

Pietro Gorlier, president and chief executive officer of Mopar, said the company would be releasing various other versions of Chrysler cars throughout the next 12 months.

"The extensive list of high-quality Mopar parts enhances the performance and appearance of our Chrysler 200," he commented.

Chrysler recently claimed that its Delta model was the epitome of the family car, as it comes with increased interior space and a host of electronic driver aids.

It also claims that the model brings executive car features to a much wider market.


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