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Car 'black box' to increase safety

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A new plan to develop a black box system in cars to determine the cause of crashes is currently underway at Intel.

Scientists working for the computing giant want to create a device, similar to those found in aircraft, which will give information on vehicle speed, steering and braking during a crash to determine what went wrong.

According to, the box would be able to send data to police and insurance companies via the internet in the case of an accident, which it is hoped will eventually make the roads safer for all drivers.

Justin Ratner, director of Intel Laboratories, said: "The intelligent vehicle is what we are talking about here. Once a car is connected [to the internet] all sorts of interesting possibilities present themselves."

Car equipment retailer Protyre recently suggested that drivers of approved used cars should check the state of their tyres on a regular basis during the summer months in order to remain safe on the road.


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