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'Bring in' car insurance disc for windscreens

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Drivers should be made to display a car insurance disc on their windscreen.

The policy has been mooted by Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes and she wants to see a system introduced similar to the one used in France.

Motorists in the country have to carry a pink disc containing all of the insurance information and it is displayed beside tax documents, according to the politician.

"Surely this is a simple way for other members of the public to notice cars which aren't [covered] and also policemen and other enforcement officers passing by will know immediately," she remarked.

Lord Mawhinney, who used to be the secretary for transport, is also in favour of the idea.

Earl Attlee responded to Baroness Oppenheim-Barnes' query by revealing around 1.2 million vehicles in the UK currently have no insurance.

If people are caught without cover, they will face a fine and penalty points on their licence and could possibly get a ban.ADNFCR-2576-ID-801403200-ADNFCR

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