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Breakdown firm offers help in bid to reduce cost of fuel

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Drivers of approved used cars have been given some advice on how to negate the impact of fuel price rises.

Breakdown firm GEM Motoring Assist is concerned about the effect that the soaring cost of petrol - set to rise further when fuel duty is increased again on April 1st - will have on drivers.

As such it has offered some tips on how modifying driving technique can help to make a tank of fuel last longer.

Drivers of new and used cars are advised to ensure their engine is properly tuned, avoid carrying unnecessary weight, while restricting speed to around 60mph is 12 per cent more economical than driving at 70mph.

The organisation also suggests driving smoothly, by staying alert to upcoming traffic and avoiding the need for heavy braking or acceleration.

GEM Motoring Assist recently revealed that drivers are now more prepared for winter weather than they were in 2008

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