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Brake warns over-confident drivers

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Drivers of new and used cars have been warned about the dangers of over-confidence when out on the roads.

New research from safety charity Brake and insurance firm Direct Line has observed that more than two-thirds of motorists worry about their safety on the road.

However, the survey also found that just one per cent of road users think they are less safe behind the wheel than the average driver.

According to Jill Townsend, campaigns director for Brake, being an over-confident driver can lead to unnecessary risk-taking and forgetting the responsibility that a driver has to themselves and other road users.

"That's why we're calling on drivers to make our Pledge to Drive Safely. It's time everyone took it upon themselves to play their part in making our roads safer, instead of just pointing the finger at others," she added.

Separate research from Brake recently revealed that almost half (47 per cent) of drivers break the speed limit on country roads in order to overtake other vehicles.

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