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Brake: Stressed bank holiday drivers must calm down

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Driving new and used cars over the bank holiday weekend can be a stressful time, but motorists have been urged to try and keep their emotions in check.

According to the road safety charity Brake, bank holiday drivers are often subjected to stress and distraction from a car full of family members, while traffic jams can also be a major source of irritation.

However, the group notes that agitated or distracted drivers are more likely to make mistakes, which could result in an accident.

Research from Brake and Direct Line shows that 71 per cent of UK drivers have lost concentration at the wheel in the past year because of stress caused by inconsiderate road users.

"When you're behind the wheel you must put safety first and stay focused. If you are so upset or angry that you can't give driving your full attention, you need to pull over and cool off," said Ellen Booth, Brake senior campaigns officer.

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