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BMW updates 6 Series range

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BMW has given its 6 Series Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe range an overhaul to provide sharper styling and more upmarket interiors, as well as extra standard equipment and improved economy.

Sitting towards the top of the BMW model range, these luxurious machines feature powerful turbocharged petrol and diesel motors, which are capable of up to 54.3mpg, along with high-performance M versions, which can sprint to 62mph in as little as 4.2 seconds.

Starting the range off is the petrol 640i, which is available from £59,430 for the Coupe and Gran Coupe models and £65,330 for the Convertible. With 316bhp from this 3.0-litre turbocharged model, it can launch to 62mph in as little as 5.3 seconds, with the Coupe capable of an impressively-frugal-for-the-class 38.2mpg. Emissions are reasonable too, with these petrol cars costing £205 in car tax every year (£225 for the Convertible).

The diesel 640d, however, offers identical acceleration, but boosts claimed fuel economy to more than 52mpg for all three variants, with car tax weighing in at a meagre £130 for the Coupe. Up the budget, and the even more powerful 650i petrol costs around £10,000 more than the 640i equivalents, slashing the nought to 62mph to a mere 4.6 seconds.

Topping the range, however, are the truly rapid M6 models, which cost north of £90,000 and offer proper sports car performance. As with the other petrol models, the M6 cars have a sports exhaust system, which can be set up to produce a more sporty note for keen drivers.

Styling changes make all 6 Series models look slightly sleeker than before, with full LED headlights now featuring as standard. Meanwhile, on the inside, there is now a full leather dashboard for an added sense of luxury, along with standard sat nav and a heads up display, which projects the car’s speed and even speed limits and sat nav instructions on the windscreen.

Author: Christofer Lloyd

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