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Belt up, motorists told

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Drivers of new and used cars have been given some straightforward advice: belt up!

That's essentially the key message behind a hard-hitting campaign launched by road safety body THINK!, which shows the fatal consequences of failing to fasten the seatbelt.

The £1.3 million campaign shows that motorists who have an accident while not wearing a seatbelt will in effect experience three crashes, even at speeds like 30mph.

Firstly, the car crashes and stops; secondly - because there's nothing to stop you moving - your body carries on and hits the inside of the car; and thirdly, you stop but your internal organs keep moving, hitting the inside of your body and potentially rupturing under the force of the impact.

"This campaign reminds drivers that - no matter how short their journey or how slowly they are driving - they are risking their life if they set off without putting their seat belt on," said road safety minister Paul Clark.

Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Golf VI has come out on top in a series of safety tests.

The Honda Insight and Toyota Prius took second and third position in the Euro NCAP assessment.

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