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Audi plans continued development of private racing cars

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Audi cars developed for private racing enthusiasts have secured seven titles and 65 race wins since 2009.

The German manufacturer currently supplies Audi cars to 35 teams around the globe, which are competing in 17 different racing classes.

Audi says its racing programme remains committed to helping customers make the most of their experience.

Werner Frowein, managing director of quattro GmbH, said that the new R8 LMS is the first vehicle that the firm has developed specifically for customer racing.

"The car allows our customers to also experience the sporty genes of the R8 family on the race track," he explained.

However, the V10 engine used in the vehicle is very similar to the production model, which is said to give the model "unrivalled durability".

Audi cars head to Le Mans next month to compete in the prestigious 24 Hours race, with the German brand hoping to add to its record tally of race wins.

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