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Audi cars use Quattro technology to negotiate winter snow

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Audi cars are handling the harsh UK winter better than vehicles from other manufacturers, it is claimed.

The German car maker says that more than 120 models and variants benefit from its Quattro technology - around 30 per cent of the brand's total production output - from the A3 to the R8.

All these cars are now achieving better traction than comparable vehicles from other manufacturers, Audi suggests, meaning drivers of Audi cars are less affected by snow and ice on the roads.

Jeremy Hicks, director of Audi UK, explained that Quattro technology allows drivers to experience all-wheel drive without having to make the jump to an SUV.

"Although our trademark technology really comes into its own in the current extreme conditions, its benefits are considerably longer lasting," he said.

Audi enthusiasts may be hoping to see a Quattro stuffed into their stocking this Christmas, after the manufacturer released a special-edition 1:43 scale model of the classic model in time for the festive period.

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