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Aston Martin makes waves with luxury boat announcement

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Luxury car brand Aston Martin hardly needs an introduction. A giant in the automotive world, this is a brand renowned for performance, beauty and quality of the highest calibre. Their strong worldwide presence is so felt thanks to sizeable investments in technology, to ensure they can continue innovating with new products, diversify their manufacturing, and keeping ahead of the ever-evolving competition.

Luxury Headquarters

Although Aston Martin is now a brand synonymous with elegance and style, this isn’t limited to their products. Back in 2003, the manufacturer surprised the world when they opened their architecturally stunning Gaydon Headquarters in Warwickshire, a building which mirrors the sheer quality of the cars produced there. The brand considers the building to be the ‘embodiment of Aston Martin and its cars’, and with its dynamic construction, cutting-edge technology and sophisticated materials, it’s difficult to argue with that. With models designed, individually hand-crafted and supported all in the one location, it’s little wonder Gaydon HQ has been called a dream factory. 

And Now For Something Totally Different…

However, it’s the automaker’s latest news that has left luxury industry enthusiasts more excited than ever. Aston have recently announced plans to launch three new models before the end of the decade – nothing out of the ordinary there. A new sports car and an all-electric crossover inspired by the innovative DBX concept are included, but the third addition is a large luxury powerboat, for which the iconic company have joined forces with Dutch organisation, Quintessence Yachts. 

While precise technical details have yet to be revealed, Quintessence have said that two versions of the yacht will be available – the AM37 will be a luxurious gran tourismo-style boat, and the AM37 S will be a sporty effort, capable of reaching up to 60 knots (approximately 70mph). 

Work has already begun on the first prototype with Mulder Design, the boat design team renowned for its involvement in the James Bond franchise, behind the project. The high-speed boats in Octopussy, Moonraker and The World Is Not Enough were created by Mulder, so that’s a hint of what we’re to expect. We’ll have to wait until September for the big reveal, when the AM37 is expected to make its on-water debut at a private event at the Monaco Yacht Show. 

With Aston Martin and other luxury car brands constantly pushing the boundaries with new innovative products, and having the cutting-edge technology and world-class hand-craftsmanship at their disposal to ensure the best results, we have to wonder: what on earth is next for the most luxurious cars on the market?

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