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Appeal of Toyota Aygo to be strengthened

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The latest Aygo from Toyota has a number of new features that should make it yet more appealing to the motoring public, the manufacturer claims.

Alterations include a new front-end design, interior trims and a host of equipment features that haven't been seen in previous models.

Drivers should also find the new Toyota Aygo cheaper to run, as the engine has been modified to bring CO2 emissions under the 100g/km mark, while increasing combined cycle fuel economy above 65mpg.

As well as a low tax bracket, the car also falls within the lowest possible insurance groups in the UK, varying between 1E and 3E depending on the model.

The new bumper has been designed to make the vehicle more aerodynamic, while its larger intake ensures that engine cooling performance is at its best.

Music-lovers won't be disappointed, as there is the option of two in-car audio systems.


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