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All new BMWs to include sat nav

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Listening to a dimwitted, permanently lost old sat nav whilst driving could soon be a thing of the past – at least for BMW drivers. 

The Munich-based company has announced its intentions to include an inbuilt BMW sat navigation system across its entire range of models produced from September onwards – a first among major mass-market car manufacturers. This is good news for those who would otherwise be unwilling to splash out the extra £1,000+ that car companies often charge to have an optional satellite nav system installed. 

The dash-mounted system will come as standard in all models, from the 1 Series hatchback to the i8 hybrid supercar, and will add to the already long list of communication and entertainment features found on most BMWs, including BMW Emergency call – which can call for help in the event of a crash – a digital radio and Bluetooth for connecting your phone to the car, with audio streaming functionality.

The new standard navigation system will feature a 6.5-inch high-definition screen, a rotary controller for using the system safely on the move and traffic information. Byers after the most sophisticated system can upgrade this to BMW’s professional sat nav, which adds a larger 8.8-inch screen, real-time traffic information and internet conncetivity. As part of its move to make sat nav standard on all of its models, upgrading to this system will now cost buyers less than before at £900 to £1,395 depending on the model of the car.

The addition of built-in navigation should also offer long term benefits in terms of boosting residual values, BMW claims. Jeff Knight, Forecasting Editor Cars at used car valuation service CAP commented: “As well as having standard navigation across the range, all BMW models will see an improvement on their residual value from between £300 to £600 (model dependant) so this is good news all round for the customer.”

Author: Laura Thomson

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