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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider order books open

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Order books for the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider have opened in the UK for prospective buyers to register their interest in the new, convertible version of the Italian brand's stripped-back sports car.

Whilst the majority of components on the car remain the same as the coupe, some safety features have been added to compensate for the lack of roof. An aluminium 'rollover' structure is concealed by a specially-developed carbon fibre windscreen frame and there is a new high-strength steel cross member in the engine compartment.

The Spider also boasts a distinctive rear end buttress, subtle rear spoiler and a new engine cover, whilst changes to the xenon headlights have been made.

The roof is made of lightweight cloth, although there will be a carbon fibre hardtop available at a later date. The 4C Spider has been designed with aerodynamics in mind, to ensure minimal wind and noise intrusion when driving without the roof on.

The rear-mounted 240bhp 1.8-litre turbocharged engine is the same in both the Spider and the Coupe, and endows the 4C with a top speed of 160mph and a 0-62mph time of less than 4.5 seconds.

Inside there is a new Alpine head unit and Alfa sound system, whilst further options for the cabin will be made available later on in the year.

There will be a number of other additions that can be made to the sports car. For instance, buyers will have the option of a race-focused carbon fibre air intake system and new silver or dark wheel finishes.

The new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider starts from £59,500 on the road.

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