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AA sees insurance claims rocket as motorists struggle in snow

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The number of people having to claim on their approved used cars insurance has doubled in the winter weather, it has been claimed.

According to data published by the AA, heavy snowfall in late December led to a 100 per cent increase in call relating to car insurance claims.

Of those that called looking to claim for damage to vehicles, a total of 71 per cent said that snow and ice had been a directly contributing factor in their mishap.

As such, the motoring group is urging drivers of approved used cars to take extra special care when out on the roads during the festive period.

Simon Douglas, the AA Insurance director, said that the group had received so many calls that not all enquiries could be dealt with immediately.

"Call volumes are at unprecedented levels and we are prioritising the most urgent cases," he explained.

Recent research from the AA found that 44 per cent of motorists did nothing to prepare their car for the onset of severe winter weather.

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