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AA: Motorists say yes to road sales, no to tolls

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Drivers of approved used cars may find themselves driving on privately-owned roads in future, as a new survey indicates most people would not oppose road sales.

More than two-thirds of motorists are not against selling UK motorways to help reduce the budget deficit, according to a poll by Populus, commissioned by the AA.

However, this is on the condition that the new owner is not allowed to charge tolls, as 82 per cent would oppose sales if it meant further charges for drivers.

"AA members see some merit in extracting the cash value of the UK's roads to help the economy but they also know they have paid for them many times over through their taxes and will not pay for them again through tolls," said AA president Edmund King.

Prior to the general election, a separate AA/Populus poll found that reducing the overall cost of keeping a car on the road was the number one concern for the majority of motorists.

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